We Digitize Your Claims Processes

Connect insurance companies, service providers and customers and automate your claims processes with the X4 Claim Suite.

X4 Claim Suite


Connecting service providers and insurance companies

  • Claim Gateway


Searching and finding service providers rule-based

  • Claim Finder


Assigning and managing service

  • Claim Portal


Checking invoices and cost estimates automatically

  • X4 AutoCheck


Informing and involving damaged parties and insurants

  • Claim Self-Service

Claim Gateway – The Universal Interface

Claim Gateway connects insurance companies, service providers and customers on one platform, thus allowing communication partners, services and apps to be connected electronically. Regardless of the used interfaces, the data is converted into the format you specify, reducing the connection effort and speeding up digitization.


Our insurance customers are already communicating via Claim Gateway with more than 30 service providers and the number is constantly growing.

Dirk Weingärtner

Sales Manager Insurance Industry
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Ansprechpartner Dirk Weingärtner

Claim Finder – Always Find the Right Service Provider

Claim Finder allows to centrally maintain your service provider addresses, and to store especially attributes that usually cannot be stored within the claims system, such as specializations, benefits, prices, etc. Starting from the damage location, the nearest service provider is determined based on search criteria and geo coordinates. All employees have access to the service via web browser. The service can optionally also be integrated into your Internet pages, e.g. for glass partner searches, or in a claims app.

Claim Portal – The Perfect Claims Control System

Claim Portal enables the automated processing of service provider orders. Orders are transmitted to the respective service provider based on rules (according to order type, contract area, availability, etc.). If service levels are defined, the system automatically monitors the processing of the transactions. Claim Portal provides access to all required information, such as expert reports, inspection protocols, images, order data, cost estimates and invoices at any time. Depending on their roles and authorizations, users can also access specific evaluations enabling fast and transparent processes.

X4 AutoCheck

X4 AutoCheck allows to automatically check all your documents based on individually adjustable rules and statistical models (data mining) and to immediately receive an alarm, if any irregularities occur.

  • Calculations
  • Cost estimates
  • Invoices
  • Delivery notes
  • Salary statements
  • Expert report

X4 AutoCheck can be operated on premises in your company or as SaaS service in the cloud.

Customer Self-Service

Integrate insurants and damaged parties into the claims process via app, portal or chat. 24×7 – Provide your service round the clock.

  • Finding service providers
  • Scheduling services
  • Tracking order processing
  • Orders and approvals
  • Service via chat

> 4 M

Claims transactions annually

> 1.000

Search queries every day

> 30

Claims service providers are connected to the Claim Gateway

> 15

Minutes saved due to the mobile appointment planner

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