We Digitize the Utility Industry

Speed up your digitization with typical industry adapters and processes out of the box. Portals for grid connection, subcontractors, clerks and customers support you in the fast implementation. Processes related to smart metering and the handling of large data volumes round off the portfolio.

You have the choice: cloud, on premises or hybrid.

Always keep the overview

The more processes, systems and participants are involved, the more difficult it is to maintain an overview at all times. With the X4 BPMS, we provide you with all important data from the connected systems and business processes in one dashboard.

Use the right connections

Integrate your systems into the processes. The X4 BPMS provides you with industry-typical adapters for network control technology, network analysis, EDM/MDM, workforce management and commercial systems.

Use the right databases

Connect gateways and smart meters with the X4 BPMS and store the data in NoSQL databases. Connections to ElasticSearch, Apache Cassandra and Postgres Timescale allow you to save any time series highly performant.

Industry Solutions Speed Up Your Digitization Projects

Tried and tested business applications are available for the utility industry. With the X4 BPMS digitization platform, these business applications can be easily implemented and adapted to your business logic, system interfaces and low-code interfaces. Benefit from tried and tested standard solutions adapted to your processes and system infrastructure.

Digital House Connection Process

With the digital house connection process you receive a complete and predefined process flow: from applying for a house connection to controlling installers and service providers. The orchestration of the workflow can be adapted to your business processes.

User interfaces for all process participants are also part of the digital house connection process:

  • Customer portal
  • Clerks portal
  • Installer portal
  • Service provider portal

Relevant peripheral systems – such as ERP and GIS – are connected with pre-parameterized interface processes. For the interface connection to your individual system infrastructure, SoftProject is the ideal partner for digitizing your house connection process with its ESB platform X4 BPMS with over 200 adapters.

SAP Integration

Automate the data exchange and increase your data quality.

Integration of User Interfaces

  • Easy switching between SAP-Fiori and X4 BBPMS portals
  • Simple control of business processes in SAP via integrated user interfaces
  • Automated readout and display of SAP requests in lists, cards and calendars

Dark Processing

  • Creating customers, orders, service records and receivables
  • Comparing master data, e.g. between SAP and GIS systems

We understand SAP with our standard adapters for JCO 2 and 3 to serve BAPIs, IDoc and RFC interfaces as well as our web service adapter for SAP OData Services.

Integration in Grid Operation

With X4 BPMS as your central data hub, you get more out of your individual systems. We implement tailor-made problem solutions using adapters.

  • Network control technology: PSIControl, Siemens S5/7, IDS HIGH-LEIT etc.
  • GIS: ESRI ArcGIS, Smallworld, Caigos etc.
  • ERP: SAP, Schleupen, MS Dynamics, Wilken etc.
  • Network calculation: DigSILENT PowerFactory etc.

These industry-specific adapters are part of our X4 BPMS with over 200 adapters. With these prefabricated connectors, we implement individual interface processes such as master data reconciliation, data preparation for line tracking or load flow calculation for low voltage.

Smart metering

Smart Metering

The X4 BPMS connects your individual systems such as EDM, ERP/CRM, load flow calculation and GIS to an operating platform for smart metering.

  • Persisting of master and transaction data in a Big Data time series database
  • Meter reading of smart meters, e.g. via DLMS, IEC 61850, Siemens AMIS
  • Meter change process incl. mobile offline solution
  • Providing master and measurement data
  • Preparing the network topology from GIS for load flow calculation in low voltage

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