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Professional further training for beginners and professionals: practice-oriented technology and user trainings for the X4 Suite.

SoftProject Academy Offers

We offer tailor-made qualifications for beginners as well as for advanced users – as online seminars or classroom training in our in-house training center. Most trainings build on each other, however, they offer an introduction for experienced users of the X4 Suite at any time. Take a look at our offer and take the opportunity: The more mature your qualifications are in the X4 Suite environment, the more effectively you can use them for your tasks.

X4 Suite Compact

Get an overview of the X4 Suite components and their possible use.

XML, XPath and XSLT

Gain basic XML/XSLT knowledge and learn how XML is used to exchange structured data with the X4 Suite.

X4 Enterprise Service Bus

Get to know the X4 ESB and acquire practical know-how with numerous examples and process patterns from system integrations.

X4 Suite Release 6.x Update

Get a detailed overview of all new features of X4 Suite Release 6.x and learn what is important when planning your updates.

X4 Best Practice

Deepen your knowledge regarding the functions and possible uses of the X4 Enterprise Service Bus.

X4 Activities Web Apps

Learn how to create web portals with X4 Activities and integrate users into your business processes.

Business Process Management with the X4 Suite

Learn how to model business processes according to the notation standard BPMN 2.0 using the X4 Designer and how to implement them with BPM.

X4 Security

Get to know the most important aspects of IT security on application server, X4 Server and the corresponding X4 solutions level.

X4 Suite for Administrators

Learn how to master typical challenges of an administrator: Server operation, high availability, optimal process performance and updating.

X4 Adapter Development

Learn how to develop and provide your own adapters with the X4 Adapter Development Kit (X4 ADK).

X4 BiPRO Server for Insurers

Gain a compact insight into the X4 BiPRO Server and learn how to provide BiPRO-compliant services in the shortest possible time.

Automating Business Processes With the X4 Suite

Learn more about the X4 Suite as a digitization platform in this webinar.

X4 Activities Web Apps

Learn how you can easily deliver interactive web applications to your users.

Automating Business Processes in the Utility Industry

Learn how the X4 Suite helps you to automate business processes in the utility industry.

BiPRO Overview

Learn more about BiPRO standards for insurers, brokers and other process participants.

X4 BiPRO Server

Learn how the X4 BiPRO Server supports insurers and brokers in the implementation of BiPRO projects.

In our “X4 Best Practice” online modules, we present important elements of successful and proven development with the X4 Suite in closed sessions.

Since you probably want to deepen your skills in different knowledge areas and technologies depending on the industry and application area of our software, you can choose from a pool of topics. If you do not find your desired topic in our list, please let us know.

A session always takes place with an expert in this subfield and includes independent documentation. Depending on the topic, technical examples (e.g. process libraries) are also provided afterwards. In this way, you benefit from our many years of project and implementation experience in key areas.

We use “Microsoft Teams” for the online sessions. Please note that you will need a working (video) telephony equipment, i.e. at least microphone and audio output. If another tool for online trainings is usual for you, we will be happy to use your solution.

Each individual module takes two hours. A workshop day consists of four of your preferred topics. Let us know, and we will find an individual appointment for you. We work out the sequence and weighting of the sessions with you in advance.

Please use the contact form for an inquiry or a booking.

Possible contents

  • X4 ESB — Conventions: Which “rules of the game” turned out to be best for X4 projects?
  • X4 ESB — Extended Process Development
    • Transfer Optimization: How can data transfers be made better and more efficient?
    • Polling & Event Handler: What needs to be considered for impulse-controlled processes?
    • Extended Start Strategies: Which process start strategies are proven to be successful?
    • Extended Parametrizing: Which parameterization strategies are best?
  • X4 ESB — Web Service Design: What possibilities exist and what must be respected?
  • X4 ESB — Security
    • For Administrators: How can the application server be operated securely?
    • For Application Developers: What must be considered during application development to minimize attack vectors?
    • Proxy Strategies: What proxy strategies are available? How must be configured?
  • X4 Architecture
    • High Availability: How is the operation secured for maximum availability?
    • Load Balancing: How can load-intensive processes be better controlled?
  • X4 Code Management: How are processes managed, versioned and deployed in a team?
  • Extended XML/XSLT Knowledge: How can the efficiency and effectiveness of XML processing be further increased?
  • Non SQL Technologies: How to work with Apache Cassandra, PostgreSQL TimescaleDB and ElasticSearch in the X4 Suite?

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