X4 Cloud

Speed up your digital transformation using the X4 Suite cloud technologies – benefit from the decisive speed advantage.

  • Safe

  • Performant

  • Scalable

Operable in the Data Center of Your Choice

Operate the X4 Suite directly on Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud platform, Amazon AWS or any other provider of your choice. Installation in the certified SoftProject data center or operation in a private cloud (e.g. Red Hat Open Shift) is also possible. Implement your business processes quickly and cost-effectively and minimize the investment in own infrastructures. Use the complete functional range of our X4 Suite as PaaS (Platform as a Service) to map your internal processes or to integrate customers, suppliers or any service providers into your business processes in the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud: Expand Your Data Center

Combine your existing on-premises back-end systems with an X4 Cloud service to create a hybrid cloud solution. The X4 Suite is deployed both as distributed system in your data center infrastructure and highly available at a cloud provider as PaaS (Platform as a Service). Process modeling and system administration are performed with the X4 Suite tools X4 Designer and X4 Control Center.

Possible deployment scenarios:

  • A "lean" X4 Suite in your data center, e.g. transfers data from your inventory management system to an X4 Suite in the cloud, which handles the communication with the connected service providers. Result data or queries are returned to the local system.
  • Process sensitive personal data in your data center and use the cloud for less critical jobs and services.
  • Archive data locally and use SoftProject cloud services exclusively for service provision.
  • And many more

Expand Your Data Into the Cloud

The X4 Suite supports your cloud strategy with its integrated connection to cloud storage technologies. Block storage, table storage and cloud-based databases are supported for all major cloud providers.

  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage Connector
  • Microsoft Azure Table Storage Connector

  • Google Cloud BigTable Connector
  • Google Cloud Storage Objects Connector

  • Amazon S3 DynamoDB Connector
  • Amazon S3 Simple Storage Connector
  • Amazon S3 SimpleDB Connector

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